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Soriano Michele Blau Gold Casino

Soriano Michele Blau Gold Casino

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Soriano Michele Blau Gold Casino

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Iversen, Josephine. Venetian is a Romance language and thus descends from Vulgar Latin. Its classification has always been controversial: according to Tagliavini, for example, it is one of the Italo-Dalmatian languages and most closely related to Istriot on the one hand and Tuscan — Italian on the other.

Although the language region is surrounded by Gallo-Italic languages , Venetian does not share some traits with these immediate neighbors. Friulian , Romansh.

Modern Venetian is not a close relative of the extinct Venetic language spoken in Veneto before Roman expansion, although both are Indo-European , and Venetic may have been an Italic language, like Latin , the ancestor of Venetian and most other languages of Italy.

The earlier Venetic people gave their name to the city and region, which is why the modern language has a similar name.

The main regional varieties and subvarieties of Venetian language outside of Venice are:. Modern speakers reportedly can still understand Venetian texts from the 14th century to some extent.

Like most Romance languages, Venetian has mostly abandoned the Latin case system , in favor of prepositions and a more rigid subject—verb—object sentence structure.

It has thus become more analytic , if not quite as much as English. Venetian also has the Romance articles , both definite derived from the Latin demonstrative ille and indefinite derived from the numeral unus.

Venetian also retained the Latin concepts of gender masculine and feminine and number singular and plural.

Unlike the Gallo-Iberian languages, which form plurals by adding -s , Venetian forms plurals in a manner similar to standard Italian. Nouns and adjectives can be modified by suffixes that indicate several qualities such as size, endearment, deprecation, etc.

Adjectives usually postfixed and articles are inflected to agree with the noun in gender and number, but it is important to mention that the suffix might be deleted because the article is the part that suggests the number.

However, Italian is influencing Venetian language:. While it may help novice speakers, Venetian was never written with this letter.

In this article, this symbol is used only in Veneto dialects of Venetian language. It will suffice to know that in Venetian language the letter L in word-initial and intervocalic positions usually becomes a "palatal allomorph", and is barely pronounced.

A peculiarity of Venetian grammar is a "semi-analytical" verbal flexion, with a compulsory " clitic subject pronoun" before the verb in many sentences, "echoing" the subject as an ending or a weak pronoun.

This feature may have arisen as a compensation for the fact that the 2nd- and 3rd-person inflections for most verbs, which are still distinct in Italian and many other Romance languages, are identical in Venetian.

The Piedmontese language also has clitic subject pronouns, but the rules are somewhat different. The function of clitics is particularly visible in long sentences, which do not always have clear intonational breaks to easily tell apart vocative and imperative in sharp commands from exclamations with "shouted indicative".

For instance, in Venetian the clitic el marks the indicative verb and its masculine singular subject, otherwise there is an imperative preceded by a vocative.

Venetian also has a special interrogative verbal flexion used for direct questions, which also incorporates a redundant pronoun:.

The past participle is invariable, unlike Italian:. Subordinate clauses have double introduction "whom that", "when that", "which that", "how that" , as in Old English :.

As in other Romance languages, the subjunctive mood is widely used in subordinate clauses. The voiceless interdental fricative occurs in Bellunese, north-Trevisan, and in some Central Venetian rural areas around Padua, Vicenza and the mouth of the river Po.

Some varieties of Venetian also distinguish an ordinary [ l ] vs. While written Venetian looks similar to Italian, it sounds very different, with a distinct lilting cadence, almost musical.

Compared to Italian, in Venetian syllabic rhythms are more evenly timed, accents are less marked, but on the other hand tonal modulation is much wider and melodic curves are more intricate.

Stressed and unstressed syllables sound almost the same; there are no long vowels, and there is no consonant lengthening.

As a direct descent of regional spoken Latin, Venetian lexicon derives its vocabulary substantially from Latin and in more recent times from Tuscan, so that most of its words are cognate with the corresponding words of Italian.

Venetian includes however many words derived from other sources such as Greek, Gothic, and German , and has preserved some Latin words not used to the same extent in Italian, resulting in many words that are not cognate with their equivalent words in Italian, such as:.

Venetian does not have an official writing system , but it is traditionally written using the Latin script — sometimes with certain additional letters or diacritics.

The basis for some of these conventions can be traced to Old Venetian, while others are purely modern innovations.

The usage of letters in medieval and early modern texts was not, however, entirely consistent. Differences between earlier and modern pronunciation, divergences in pronunciation within the modern Venetian-speaking region, differing attitudes about how closely to model spelling on Italian norms, as well as personal preferences, some of which reflect sub-regional identities, have all hindered the adoption of a single unified spelling system.

Nevertheless, in practice, most spelling conventions are the same as in Italian. Different orthographic norms prescribe slightly different rules for when stressed vowels must be written with accents or may be left unmarked, and no single system has been accepted by all speakers.

Recently there have been attempts to standardize and simplify the script by reusing older letters, e. However, in spite of their theoretical advantages, these proposals have not been very successful outside of academic circles, because of regional variations in pronunciation and incompatibility with existing literature.

More recently, on December 14, , the Modern International Manual of Venetian Spelling has been approved by the new Commission for Spelling of It has been translated in three languages Italian, Venetian and English and it exemplifies and explains every single letter and every sound of the Venetian language.

The graphic accentuation and punctuation systems are added as corollaries. Overall, the system has been greatly simplified from previous ones to allow both Italian and foreign speakers to learn and understand the Venetian spelling and alphabet in a more straightforward way.

The American linguist Carolyn McKay proposed a writing system for that variant based entirely on the Italian alphabet.

However, the system was not very popular. The character, a peasant returning home from the war, is expressing to his friend Menato his relief at being still alive:.

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